In this guide, we will show you how much it costs for concrete reinforcement, rebar or wire mesh. There is no cut-and-dry way to determine the exact cost, so these are meant to serve as guidelines only. For example, the complexity of the job and the height of the work are just two pricing factors. Costs may also vary a lot depending on the site condition and location.

The average cost of reinforcement ranges from $40 to $185 per yard of concrete, (this is a typical engineering requirement depending on complexity and loading). But other services may cost extra; for example, the installation costs $75-$450 per ton depending on numerous factors.

What is Typically Included with Basic Services?

There are many different levels of service available, but some are usually included. Obviously, delivery is usually required and included. Typically, larger projects that are more complex, shop or Placement drawing will need to be drawn. In many cases, it may need to be fabricated,(ask if this is included in the estimate). Cost reduction is be obtained by doing some of these things yourself.

Typically included by Atlanta Rebar:
1. Delivery in local range
2. Expedited Delivery is available if needed.

Services that May Affect Additional Cost and Value saving tips are below

Additional services that can be added:

  • Value Saving options:
    • Delivery area–Is usually included unless excluded for cost saving reasons.
    • FOB our yard (pickup), maximize delivery trips to site address in our delivery area.
    • Self-Fabricate –Another V/E options are to cut and bend as necessary on the project, this is particularly useful on smaller less complex projects.
    • Early payment/COD discounts– We offer a substantial discount for paying your bill early or COD account holders.
    • Tonnage quantities and full packaging bundles – Less hands on labor for us, means lower prices for you.
  • Fabrication – Involves quite a bit of work and is generally an up charge of about 10%-15%.
  • Travel Expenses– Typically included in our service area. If you are located outside our service area, you will probably have to pay a mobilization cost as well. Travel can be offset, with truckload delivered quantities.
  • Shop Drawing and Placement Drawings – Involves quite a bit of work and is generally included in fabrication cost.
  • Tonnage quantities and full packaging bundles – Less hands on labor for us, means lower prices for you.

Average of material Cost on typical methods:
Now that you have a feel for what the little extras are going to cost, you are probably wondering how much you’ll actually have to pay as a rule of thumb :

  • Single Family Residential – Between $45 to a $60 per yard
  • Light Commercial and Low Rise Multi Family – Between $55 to a $85 per yard
  • Typical General Commercial – Between $70 to a $120 per yard
  • Heavy Civil and Infrastructure– =/< $175 per yard

These are just a few of the most common services and their costs in metro Atlanta and Georgia generally. Remember that every job-site and project will have slightly different costs involved. . We hope you have found this information helpful.  Please fill out the form or call us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible for a personalized evaluation. We look forward to helping you!



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