What is Rebar and Why Do I Need It

Elevated Structural Rebar slab

Rebar is a steel bar that is used in concrete construction. By adding these reinforcing steel bars, you’re creating reinforced concrete. Whether your project includes floor slabs, walls or posts, rebar helps keep cracks that form from making the project fall apart. Though all concrete cracks, rebar, and reinforcing materials help control where and the extent of the cracks. It also provides structural strength to the project. Rebar makes concrete several times more resistant to failure. It provides tensile strength by using a reinforcing bar . If you want to make your concrete structural, rebar provides much stronger support .

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Concrete accessories and supplies

We can supply a wide range of products and materials that complement our fabrication line. These include welded wire mesh, bar supports, mechanical couplers, and form savers produced by our time-tested partners such as Dayton Superior, Taper Thread and Barsplice just to name a few.


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Emergency Concrete services

Dependable When It Counts Most.Every major job is challenging. But emergency service jobs dictate a heightened timetable. The right construction partner can help prevent and manage response to problems—sometimes even before they unfold.



Steel Rebar Sizes & Rebar StockWe stock a wide variety of rebar sizes from #3-#7; grade: 60; lengths: 20’, 40’; and finishes: black, or epoxy. We are committed to having what our customers need when they need it.Our most common request are 20′ bundles, in sizes #4,#5,#6.


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