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Frequently Asked Rebar Questions

Reinforcing bar, commonly known, as “rebar”, is a steel bar used in many construction applications. Atlanta Rebar offers steel rebar in a wide variety of sizes and grades, as well as black rebar, woven wire mesh (w.w.m / w.w.f.) and various construction accessories and forming materials. Below are some frequently asked questions about rebar, which should help you, find the information that you are looking for.

Are there different types of rebar?

Yes, rebar will vary with strength (yield), base materials and coating.

Emergency Service

For your convenience, we utilize a scheduling calendar for estimates on our web site, but certain factors; emergencies, storm damage, etc., may necessitate you calling or emailing us directly

However, if your situation requires immediate attention we prioritize accordingly. In this situation, please call us on the phone.


What is the average price of rebar?

. There is no average price for rebar; rebar is a commodity and is a function of supply and demand. See or price guide for general guidelines, all situations are unique if unsure consult a qualified engineer.

What are the most common rebar sizes?

The most common sizes of rebar are #4 (approx. 27%), #5 (approx. 23%) and #6 (approx. 19%) rebar which is used is residential and light commercial construction, as well as, commercial construction. To see all of the rebar sizes we provide, visit our rebar sizes page.

What grades of rebar do you carry?

Grade 40, Grade 60, Primarily, Specific Grades can be supplied.

What dimensions / lengths of rebar do you carry?

We stock #4-#7, lengths will vary with size, however; we carry 20’and 40’.

How do I calculate the weight per foot for steel?

Weight per foot will vary with bar size, please see our bar chart on the rebar page for weight per foot.

What is rebar made from?

Nowadays, rebar contains 97%+/- recycled material—from old cars, appliances, hot water heaters, and the like.

Delivery cost of rebar?

The cost to transport rebar is high in relation to its value, so companies produce it as close as possible to where, it will be sold. Rebar, is produced in 30 U.S. states and most is sold within 250 miles of where it was made. You might also have to pay for mileage and drive time for deliveries outside our normal operating area.



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Concrete Accessories

Concrete accessories and supplies

We can supply a wide range of products and materials that complement our fabrication line. These include welded wire mesh, bar supports, mechanical couplers, and form savers produced by our time-tested partners such as Dayton Superior, Taper Thread and Barsplice just to name a few.


Emergency Service

Emergency Concrete services

When disaster strikes, Dependable When It Counts Most.Every major job is challenging. But emergency service jobs dictate a heightened timetable. The right construction partner, can help prevent and manage responses to problems—sometimes even before they unfold..



Elevated Structural Rebar slab

Reinforcing Steel; or Rebar, and Wire Mesh is an integral part of virtually every cast-in-place concrete construction project. Available in both Black and Epoxy Gr.60 Placing Drawings are available, as part of a full-service package that aids in accurate placement of the rebar in the field